Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Skill Bill (Of Rights)

As a manager or business leader you have a responsibility to train your team to do the job at hand.

As a team member you have a right to learn those skills essential to play your part in the team's success.

In as much as the job at hand is always changing and your role is constantly morphing the skill most essential is situational analysis.

What can I do right now that is going to best move us toward our goals and provide the greatest return on my efforts?

If the answer is mop the floors, then by all means mop the floors.
If the answer is brainstorm, then for the love of Pete (who gets a lot of loving) brainstorm.
Regardless of the answer do it.

This skill is meaningless of course if there is no bias for action.

So go ahead and exercise your rights, skill bill!

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