Monday, November 2, 2009

Window of Opportunity

Since I was a baby manager the long standing figure has been that 10% of the people are good, 10% of the people are bad, and 80% of the people will behave based on how you treat them. This means that a full 90% of the folks you interact with are prone to misbehavior under the right (wrong) conditions. Recognizing this a primary function of management is to cut the cancerous 10% at the first sign of trouble and create an environment where the 80% feels neither inclined nor sees the opportunity to abuse the system.
Creating a great work environment is only part of the equation. Equally important is limiting the window of opportunity for wrong doing. This boils down to keeping time and access controlled as much as possible. Checks need to be in place so that all levels realize that they are being monitored and that wrong doing will not be tolerated. If this sounds like Big Brother is lurking then so be it. Making it in this rapidly evolving climate is difficult enough without hamstringing oneself with internal wrong doing. I know that some will claim that internal checks hamper rapid fire efforts and impede progress...
To this I say they are right. Checks and balances do hold some processes up a bit. I'm going to bet on the organization with strong internal checks in the long run though.

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